The Sick World We Live In

As I was skimming the news, I uncovered this article that talks about a $300 cure for Hepatitis C that rivals the other $84,000 ones.

This is in one way shocking, but if you are a veteran follower of Christ, it won’t come as a surprise. This world is filled with self-interested individuals striving to gain for themselves without much regard to their fellow man.

However, have you ever taken the time to think more intimately on the impact it makes upon society? The ability to cure diseases, come to answers, find solutions, create and advance is stunted and hindered upon every stage of development by people who desire individual gain over the collective benefit.

Jesus’ greatest commands were to love God foremost and to love others as ourselves. Marxist ideology tried to create a forced institution that only employs His second command, and history has shown it to fail. In fact, the only social construct that seems to have any staying power is capitalism.

Capitalism is often praised through some very rational arguments for it, but the reality is that it works very well in our world because it makes self-interested people serve others to gain their own self-interest. This is like requiring someone to exercise the calories off before they eat unhealthy food; it technically solves the problem but creates other ones and never addresses the issue in the first place.

Further, the collective pool of knowledge is perpetually poisoned by individual agendas. You will never find a scientific journal, wiki, public forum or any other gathering of human understanding that doesn’t contain perverse ideas mixed into it. Even when it’s well-regulated (such as Wikipedia), the individual biases inserted into it provide information that is destructive to the advancement of goodness and truth.

Society does not march forward or progress linearly. We develop ourselves and advance technology in spite of, not because of, what our motivations are. Everyone is competing at the same time to get their item to market first. The individual who “wins” is praised for their ingenuity and everyone else is given no legacy or credit, even when their ideas were stolen. The pattern repeats when the next development of technology uses that individual’s contributions as the standard to work off of.

A Kingdom is coming that is going to do away with all of this madhouse. If you are a futurist, hang your hope in the future that Christ will bring. Revelation makes it very clear that the believers in Christ will rule the Earth at that time, and there will be many scientists and engineers numbered among the followers of Christ to bring the development of society to technological levels we know about right now.

Stay faithful to the end. This current age doesn’t even compare to the coming one. This world is a low-tech shadowland, filled with uncivilized monsters that give their best appearance to look like the most important people in history. Unfortunately, that’s all we have known physically.

If you grow closer to the One that gives answers, the horrifying and ugly things this world does will feel the same way that God feels about it: a passing season and chaff in the wind.


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