Net Neutrality For Christians

After a prolonged hiatus, I am back in the saddle and creating again.

One of these inspirations has been closely connected to my much more in-depth discussion on net neutrality that you can read here. With the changing Internet, who knows what will happen?

Though I can’t speak with too much authority, consolidating power under a highly liberal establishment that works against the best interests of Bible-believing Christianity is certainly a cause for duly noting.

However, this shouldn’t be a cause for concern. To follow God means that the truth is not going to be publicly heralded from the rooftops. The way God works in the New Testament and beyond seems to be that the truth is distributed via unconventional and back-alley methods. The power of it can’t be understated, since those unpopular means of transmission have kept it as an ideological powerhouse despite many organizations trying to either destroy it or pervert it to their own benefit.

Therefore, don’t get too caught up in net neutrality. Someday it will be illegal to be a Christian. Instead of looking at the risks inherent to the freedoms you have, look instead to how blessed you have been and likely still will be even with this legislation coming in.

And, as always, keep your mind on the things above, since Jesus is coming back and is going to reconcile all of this tomfoolery.


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